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E or F Prod, weighs 1,550 without driver

This car was professionally built by Dave Headley of FAB-TEK
including a complete “frame-off” rotisserie restoration.  The tub was completely stripped of all coatings & sealers.  Floors, rockers and sills were replaced with OE Panels.  The low front hoop roll cage is fully integrated into the tub for optimum stiffness.  The fenders, deck and hood are fiberglass so carbon fiber could achieve additional weight reduction if you have the bucks ($).  The doors and hinges are lightened to the extent allowed.  The design emphasis was to achieve minimum polar moment (turning response) and a very low CG (weight transfer).

The live axle rear suspension is a “Satchel” link design with coil over QA-1 tunable shocks plus an adjustable sway bar.  The banjo axle housing has been aligned for camber & toe.

Front suspension is a fully fabricated SLA type with tunable QA-1 coil over shocks and a tubular sway bar. Geometry is optimized for roll center height and camber gain.  The suspension mounting structure is optimized for stiffness and light weight.

Volk 15”x 7” zero offset wheels are one piece forged aluminum and weigh 12.5#.  A fourth set of one piece Minilite Magnesium Wheels are available.

Brakes are MGB front caliper & rotors with hawk pads and Wilwood rear calipers on Saab rotors.  A Tilton triple cylinder adjustable pedal system operates the brakes and clutch.

The Cockpit has all necessary gauges, including wide band A/F ratio.  The operating switches are convenient to the driver. The seat is a Kirky aluminum and the belts were new, Jan ’08.

The engines are estimated to produce 190hp, with 13.5:1 CR, FAB-TEK heads, and FAB-TEK spec cams.  Block oiling is optimized for good bearing life.  Cranks are cryo’d and nitrided with full aero cw’s. Carrillo rods, JE Pistons. FAB-TEK 1.6:1 rockers open 5/16 stem stainless valves.  Oiling is dry sump.

1 ¾” fully prepped SU HIF6 carbs on a modified MGB manifold provide the air and fuel. Headers are 3 to 1 “stepped” with a merge collector flowing into a Flowmaster muffler (makes 95 db).

Clutch is Powertrain Technology 5.5 twin disc with a Tilton anular T.O. bearing and a very light flywheel.

Transmission is a 4-speed dog ring Alfa Romeo box built by Steve Schwitters using Hewland Gears. Can be converted to 5-speed for E prod.

Fuel cell is ATL 10 gal with dual Facet electric pumps and a Holly pressure regulator.

Race History
The car was built in 2006.  I ran the car in E prod during 2007 to sort and develop it.  In 2008, I ran both E and F prod, winning the division in F & finishing fourth in a tightly contested E prod class.  8 wins and 3 seconds in two years.  2008 runoffs I was running 4th in F-prod when I broke a pushrod on the 12th lap and retired.  This car was not as fast at HPT as it will be at Road America.

I will sell the car as a complete package including 2 engines, 16 wheels, 3 rear ends and all pertinent spares for $35k.  This is a winning car and can win the Runoffs in FP at Road America.  This is half the cost to build it from scratch.

I will sell the car with choice of one engine, 2 rear ends, selected spares and 1 set of wheels for $25k.  This gets a winning car and you can develop spares as you go.

I will sell the car as a roller without engine, transmission, drive shaft for $15k.

If the car has not sold by spring of 2009, I will dismantle it, rebuild it as a vintage car and sell all the SCCA specific parts.


  FAB-TEK  Willow Hill Ltd
11588 Road 20,  Cortez, Colorado 81321-8738

970 564-5822      564-1671 Fax

E-mail Dave at

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